Sometimes it’s not good to re-read things you’ve written?!! LOL! It felt good to ‘share’ what I’ve written so far, but I think it’s definitely a day of light relief for me. Feeling surprisingly chipper for once, and lots of creative thoughts running through my head – heard the new A-ha song on the radio this morning and rather liked it. Came as a bit of a surprise as I don’t usually like that sort of thing, but then, I always do like to keep my mind open, and ears open for new sounds.

I feel the beginning of new music starting to rise in my head, I’m just waiting for it to consolidate before writing it down – best not to push these things as if you chase an idea it often breaks, they are very shy these ideas… Notebook at the ready, trying not to think about it and let it form independently.

Just signed up to sing in a few more concerts, singing is a wonderful thing for me, allows me to pour out the emotions that stay carefully checked behind the mask, almost like an ‘acceptable’ way to let go. Though I did have a rather disturbing dream last night that everyone I knew came to the one concert I was most proud of, and it was a complete shambles. Didn’t matter how lovely the music and singing was, the stage management and organisation of it was awful and that ruined the ambience of everything. Wonder what I’m trying to tell myself… Again, I’ll leave that one to my sub-conscious to sort out and try and concentrate on getting some ‘work’ done.

I also feel the urge to cook. Cook something really different to usual. I cooked a roast dinner on Sunday, something I haven’t done in a long time ‘Stepford Wife’ eat your heart out! The dog seemed quite pleased with the left overs too, so happy family and happy bellies! Maybe I should go for cupcakes tonight, or muffins or cookies. Now cookies sound good – must rifle through Google for some lovely looking recipes…

Hmmmm ok, time to do some ‘day job’ I think – will catch up later with new thoughts that arise during the day.