Well it’s October already – where has the year gone? I’ve just been looking at all the topics I’ve set myself to blog about, and I’m finding my concentration darting from one topic to the next. Consideration of each seperately is proving difficult today. I’m rather excited about the weekend and well, that always speeds my mind up, so trying to calm down enough to think is seemingly impossible.

Since deciding to start this blog, it’s been a whirlwind, so many views, and lovely comments and encouragement – it’s lifted my mood so much more than i’d hoped it would. Those who know me have said how brave i’ve been to spill so much about myself, but to me, it doesn’t seem that way. It’s just who I am really – i’ve always been one to enjoy a debate, start a conversation, play devil’s advocate, help people if I possibly can… It occurred to me that I’ve mentioned a lot about wearing a Mask in order to please people and help them out and be the ‘eager to please’ child, but essentially, I don’t want to lose that entirely. Fact is I really DO enjoy helping people and pleasing people to a certain extent – it really isn’t something I do to be fake most of the time. It’s very rare that i’ll pull the Mask on and be thinking ‘i’m hating every minute of this’. It’s just sometimes i’ll be a martyr to the cause and put myself in situations I shouldn’t in the name of giving people what they want. Hmmmm not sure if that makes sense?

As you can see my thoughts are racing at 100mph today, rolling around in my head, bouncing from one topic to the next like a puppy with a new toy. I’m going to try and do a bit more work and see if I can gain any further Inspiration and Clarity by the time it comes to lunch.