A strange topic i’ll concede, but… I had a dialogue with a very close friend today – another Depression sufferer, who is struggling somewhat with the lack of support she has around her. She described to me a number of situations where she has felt stressed or upset, and colleagues have just commented ‘oh well she’s just depressed’ like it’s expected. In fact if there’s anything where she asks for help it’s dismissed as ‘she’s depressed’. As I discussed in my Stigma post, this is a huge fear when you admit Depression. Inability to understand what Depression is, or what it actually means just breeds complete ignorance, and with it a total and utter lack of respect from those around you.

What’s more, one of her friends who was supposedly supporting her because she had been treated for Depression in the past, is now using her low state to increase her own self importance, deigning to state when she is allowed to have her boyfriend around, and then going to my friend’s parents and ‘discussing her situation’ behind her back! Firstly, how can we expect those who don’t understand Depression to behave with respect when those who do understand Depression treat each other so badly?  

I have found that coping with Depression is a very difficult task on it’s own, struggling with your inner thoughts and feelings constantly, exhausting, sometimes pointless… but to have no support, or to have people deliberately undermining you? I dread to think. I am one of the lucky ones – so I ask, that people do just stop and think. Treat each other with respect despite what pre-conceived ideas they may have for what a Mental Illness may or may not be.