ARGH! Frustration. Having a serious bout of lethargy this afternoon, I usually find my energy much higher in a morning anyway, but I am having serious trouble keeping my eyes open today… My work is just swimming in front of my eyes, can’t seem to focus, and well, concentration is evading me too. I’m hoping staring it straight in the face by writing this will snap my mind into stopping it’s wandering and allowing me to get on with my mountain of work!

That’s the worst thing about these tablets, the drowsiness. It’s the same on long car journeys, if i’m a passenger I have to apologise before I even start out because it’s guaranteed i’ll literally ‘pass out’ unless i’m 100% occupied for the entire journey. Change the conversation momentarily or go quiet and I’m off to sleep instantly. This worries me considerably as I have to start driving myself again to meetings soon, so i’ve already started planning out rest breaks every 45 mins on the road to destination, a pain, but I feel necessary. Especially as the usual things like caffeine or sugar highs don’t work quite so well for me!

Ok – time for one last shot at grabbing back my focus – wish me luck!