Fridays always have that ‘something’ about them – even when I worked shifts 24 hours a day 365 days a year, Fridays always had a sense of excitement and a more relaxed feel due to the weekend being around the corner. Oh, and there’s always that added ‘relaxed’ feeling when you’re in casual clothes. Something that i’m always grateful for where I work – dress down Friday.

My lethargy of yesterday is gone, and I feel totally focussed today. I had a thought that my lethargy was bought on by worry about my rehearsal last night. My voice had disappeared earlier in the week through over-use and dehydration, and well, the concert is on Saturday and we’d only had one rehearsal up to last night. The music is NOT easy, and there’s only two to a part throughout. So my mind was pre-occupied with focussing on my throat, learning the music and well, worrying about other things too!

I must admit I was a bit annoyed with myself that I didn’t spot what I was doing and stop it in it’s tracks – in fact it was a comment from Neftwink on the ‘Lethargy’ post that made me realise what my brain was up to. She commented that the Lethargy must be coming from somewhere, and yes, she was right. I was convinced I was just tired and this was causing my mind to un-focus, but actually it was other things as well. Tiredness just allowed my mind the opportunity to fall back into bad habits and ‘worry away’. Seems like the default autopilot still falls back on worry and preoccupation. Something i’ll have to work on it seems!

I’m now sorting my work out into easy chunks for the day, and as the core of my worry is now over for the moment, I should be able to plough on and be productive. I shall have to be mindful of non-productive thoughts, it is Friday after all, there will be plenty of them!