It’s commenced. I’ve started. I’ve already sketched down my ideas for my composition, and it seems it’s all flowed nicely. It feels good to be getting things down. I’ve also sketched out a first paragraph for my book, have a character (though their name is eluding me right now) part of a back story, a setting, and where i’m heading to with it. My next plan is to get to know my main protagonist. She’s definitely a girl – not too disimilar to me I feel, however a lot more dynamic than me, and strangely, a lot of her back story mirrors mine to a certain extent! Funny that. Her continuing story is definitely not like mine though. It is going to be pure fantasy after all!

It definitely feels freeing to have a completely open and blank creative angle. No rights or wrongs, but just unadulterated freedom of mind! Thoughts lead to thoughts and ideas twist and turn into something else – I had been thinking along a number of lines for this, but I think i’ve hit on something different, something new – and lord knows, new is not that easy in this day and age… We’ll see though, i’ve no doubt someone somewhere will inform me i’m wrong in that assumption!

But for now, i’m going to allow things to continue to develop. Organic. I won’t push it, i’m in this for the long haul!