Hey B – hope you don’t mind, but your comment on ‘Forgotten’ really troubled me. I’m no Doctor, i’m not qualified in anything psychological, but I can only speak from my own thoughts, my own experiences, that which I’ve gathered from others. I want to help others if I can – the point of my blog, so B – this is for you.

Depression is a toughie. It’s hard. Every day is a struggle when bed is so warm and snuggly, and the world can just stay where it is. It isn’t going to stop turning if I don’t get out there and contribute to it. BUT – what good is life if you don’t contribute to it? How can you find the good things, the exciting things, the positive things, the wonderful things if you don’t seek them? Life will never hand you things on a plate. Even if you look at so called rich people, or those who appear to have no troubles, they will have issues they consider insurmountable themselves. It’s all about perception.

So if you’re perceiving things badly why are you doing that? Even if there is no reason (which often there isn’t with Depression) it is how you think that alters your perception. What do you do? The answer is a simple one with a very difficult approach. Change how you think. And even if you can’t change how you think, work to recognise how you think, and then control it. Stop or slow a downward spiral before it happens. This is what meds do for me. Help me to slow my thought processes enough so I can identify my thoughts and deal with them. Now i’m attempting to come off the meds so I can manage my thought processes without them. Who knows if this will be successful? Unless I try how will I know?

I’ve said many times before i’m stubborn, I never take no for an answer, and perhaps this helps me with my condition – but let me tell you, get some fight – how dare my thoughts think they can control my life, i’m in control, and I will not be beaten. So what if it’s a long process? Life is long these days, more time for fun in my book, what’s your creative process? Find something that releases those emotions, allows an outpouring – I promise you B, you find that and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

When you can’t sleep (i’d say because of the thoughts whizzing around your head top speed?) keep a notebook with you, write down what you’re thinking, re-read them, rationalise them, then when you’re ready just put your head down and sleep. Do you paint? Sketch? Listen to music? Create music? Write? Find what it is that you do creatively – nurture it, embrace it, there is nothing wrong with who you are, nothing wrong with what you do.

We have to persevere with this – it does not go away. But it can be controlled, these deep emotions can be flipped, used positively, highs as strong as the lows can be attained – maintained – life REALLY is worth living. Never accept defeat.