I definitely spoke too soon on the ‘no emotional side effects’ front. Having had incredible irritability this morning, and nearly screaming and someone ‘slurping’ their tea – I mean WHO slurps their tea? It’s disgusting and incredibly rude… Ugh – seems there’s a bit of irritability still there… I am now going through a ‘feeling sorry for myself’ phase. Definitely finding it difficult to focus and my attention is wandering ridiculously.

About 20 mins ago, I found my mind wandering off into all sorts of realms of thoughts i’d kept at bay for months, and even to the point of ‘tearing up’ at my desk. Again, something I haven’t done in a while. Definitely going to have to keep an eye on that. Caught me by surprise and I was a little shocked I’d actually got to that point before I realised what happened! I think i’m going to have to plateau my meds at this level until I can regain control again. I’ve reduced my dose by a third so far, so it’s not bad going in my opinion – steady does it, there’s no point in crashing this early on in the process!