Feeling a little better this morning – slept deeply again, however a repeat of the rather vivid nightmares of a few nights ago… Not the same nightmares, but different ones, strange, twisting dreams, I awoke crying at one point… I’m wondering if it’s just a way of my mind releasing emotions as the medications start to wear off. Who knows? I’m cautiously checking at the moment to see what surprising emotions I have in store today, at the moment, I feel ‘normal’ (well normal for me anyway!), time to stop worrying and be productive! I’ve maintained my dose the same as yesterday, and will maintain it for a few more days before taking the next step downwards.

Had a rather surprising call yesterday, after lamenting the loss of concerts until the new year, i’ve been asked to Deputise at a choir i’ve been dying to sing with for a very long time. So I now have a pre-Christmas concert to look forward to and it’s some wonderful music. Maybe that’s why my spirits are a little higher than yesterday? Again, can’t say, but i’m not knocking it. It’s the little things, the little distractions, making life what you want it to be. Yes, there’ll always be compromise, the ‘day job’, things to pay the mortgage, but, it’s so beneficial to do the things you love, divert yourself from bad thoughts, bad situations, and look to the good. In fact, after re-reading this, I’m feeling happier already – it is nice to be recognised and requested for something after all isn’t it?