Having a tough time today, my sleep was rather broken, and I just feel exhausted. I’m maintaining my dose at 20mg and physically the side effects have reduced significantly. Emotionally though that’s a different matter. I was expecting this though, so it’s not all bad. I just have to set in motion the good thoughts and preparations i’ve had in place for this very moment.

I’ve read through previous posts of mine, and they are helping. Lethargy and exhaustion aren’t though, so I’ve booked a day off work next week and hoping to get another day off the week afterwards to try and cushion the tiredness and allow some me time to help focus my mind. It’s funny, you’d never think work was quite so mentally exhausting, but putting on a show, keeping a happy face, trying to control your thoughts so you can do some quality work… not so easy. So recognising the signs from before, time to slow down a little and do the things I enjoy. Otherwise i’ll be no good to man nor beast.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a drug that would work for me without severe side effects? But we’re all different, it’s just how it goes sometimes!!! At least I did find one that worked for me!