Sleep is a wonderful thing – I know i’ve said it before but it truly is. Feeling much better today, a little nausea but nothing bad, and my mood is back up again. Maybe a little longer before I start reducing the dose again but things aren’t going too badly I think! Have contented myself with a lie in lots of house work and lots of cheesy TV. The little things, organisation, cleanliness – an ordered house is an ordered mind? Ugh I’m coming out with rubbish today, but it’s all good, chilled out and I’m feeling much more stable.

Started taking fish oil capsules today too, something i’d meant to do for a while, but hadn’t had the time to buy the right ones. One with a high EPA content are supposed to help with mood stabilisation apparently, but as it’s good for health anyway, so I’m not losing anything by trying it! Hopeful it will work though, it would be nice to have some help in controlling my moods in a ‘natural’ sense rather than a medicated sense.

So now on to the rest of the afternoon’s tasks – making a Cottage Pie. Haven’t had time to cook anything decent for a while, so i’m quite looking forward to cooking guilt free knowing no more chores and a relaxing evening ahead.