Interesting day yesterday – totally crashed out on the sofa and slept and slept and slept. Got motivated mid afternoon to revise my Singing CV – I considered it was probably time to get myself out there singing wise and strive for those things that make me truly happy. Then off to bed early again. Strange, but I’ve seemed to be completely wiped out this weekend – perhaps an effect of the ramp down in dosage, but today I feel like a new woman.

So much so, that i’ve started to reduce my dosage again. I’m on the wind down, so I have to keep it going, lord only knows my body is screaming out to be off them now, it’s just my brain that’s got to keep up with the pace! And I feel good enough to try the next step now. Should be a busy day at work today so that should keep my mind running through productive thoughts, and it’s a short day, finish here at 1600pm (I LOVE flexi time…) so if I do get tired mid-afternoon, then it’s only a little further until I can get home and sleep it off. I see the end in sight now, just have to keep pushing mentally and physically to reach my drug free goal!

As for the fish oil capsules, not really sure if they’re working or not, but then, I wasn’t expecting to be able to tell anyway. Still carrying on with 3 capsules a day, it was probably time I needed to add more Omega-3 into my diet, I am a vegetarian after all. Oh – and it’s only a 4 day week for me this week, booked Friday off so my OH, his parents and I can go and visit my parents for the weekend. Should be a nice relaxing affair, we all get on well, and dare I say it there may be some shopping too… retail therapy exists, I can vouch for that!

It’s funny, I usually have some ‘issue’ to discuss on my blog, but the past few days have been so exhausting my mind doesn’t seem to have been able to focus on anything remotely important. Maybe that’s just as good for me as making a point. Not having anything poignant to say. But that’s no bad thing. Sometimes just letting the world rumble on by is as healing as jumping straight into the fray. Sometimes we all just need a rest.