Having had a long weekend away from home, I feel rather refreshed this morning – and very tired! Still not taking any medication, and I’m very surprised by the lack of withdrawal symptoms i’m experiencing. The biggest symptoms I can make out are extreme tiredness, which I had before when I was medicated anyway, and the head swims/balance issue. The tiredness is irritating because it affects my concentration, and well, on long car journeys where i’m the passenger (I try to avoid long car journeys where I drive for this very reason…) I instantly fall to sleep. I must be great company.

The head swims and balance is most annoying though. As it’s pretty much the same as when I came of Citalopram I knew what to expect and it doesn’t worry me when it happens, but it is just that little bit worse than my Citalopram experience. I can literally stand up and then stumble immediately as my head struggles to find where my blaance is. Even sitting down and not moving, if I flick my eyes quickly in one direction or another the spinning starts. I’ve been told it’s a bit like Vertigo. I’m just very pleased it isn’t.

Oh – and I forgot to mention the acid stomach too! I knew the tablets were affecting the acidity of my stomach somewhat, but coming off them has contributed to the acidity and I seem to be craving milk and dairy products which seem to be the only thing to calm the bubbling and acidity. As I mentioned before, the physical aspects of the medication were what has caused me to come off them perhaps a little earlier than I’d have liked, and these withdrawal symptoms are no worse than I was expecting – better in fact. Curiously the emotional side effects have calmed down again. I’m still cautious though, I bet they have just as good a chance of returning as staying away!

Anyway – I have the first rehearsal for a new choir I’m deputising for tonight, and I am looking forward to it so much. I love the music I’ll be singing and the choir is renowned for having quality singers, and the conductor is amazing too. So although the commute to the rehearsal is a little hefty, the experience is well worth it, and I just can’t wait. Only problem is, in a couple of weeks I have to re-arrange the volunteering induction as it falls on a Monday night! Thankfully the volunteering organisation said this was ok to do, I just feel a bit guilty for having to move the induction again. I’ll get volunteering eventually though!

Time to do some ‘day job’, innumerbale e-mails await.