It’s been another rollercoaster ride the last two days – emotions up and down, mainly down, dizziness so bad that i’ve almost thrown up more than once, and headaches. Oh headaches. Waking up in the morning to feel like the worst hangover ever type of headache. And there’s been no alcoholic involvement, and curiously, bad dehydration. Maybe that’s why it feels like a hangover – because of the dehydration. I don’t seem to be able to drink quick enough to remain hydrated! I’ve resorted to high sugar drinks like Coke now in the hope that my sugar and salt intake remains high enough – I certianly feel better since doing this. Perhaps these drugs were affecting me a LOT worse than I thought, I knew I was a lot thirstier on them than before, but now? I have dry eyes, my skin is incredibly dry – very unusual for me, and a mouth like the Sahara desert. Forget ‘dry mouth’ this feels like someone has emptied a bucket of sand into it. Also related or not, I have what feels like a cold. I’m just chalking that up to withdrawals as well

Needless to say I could also sleep for England, and my concentration is shot, BUT today I don’t feel emotionally bad at all. So that’s a big plus, and well, there’s late night Christmas shopping tonight. That’s never a bad thing.

I have a few more topics swirling around my head since the worst of the low moods have started to disappear, so I may pen a few more thoughtful posts over the next few days… Depends whether I can get a level standpoint on how i’m thinking. As well as the low moods, I’ve also been quite irrationally irate, unusual for me, only usually something that comes out when frustrated…

All in all things could be so much worse… I still thank my lucky stars for who I am, whatever trials and tribulations are thrown my way.