It’s been a good few days – busy but good. Lots of Christmas shopping done – pretty much ALL done in fact, mood is good, nausea and dizziness so infrequent that i’ve not noticed it considerably in the past few days. In fact i’m feeling great. Wonderful! I’m OFF the drugs and time to manage myself on my own again! Thing is this time, I feel better equipped to cope, to manage, to carry on. I also know that if I NEED to go back on the tablets at any point I can and will. That in itself is a reassurance, knowledge I have a way out of the low that works. If things ever get that bad again, there is hope. Good hope.

So today I’m relaxing completely. I’m not doing ANYTHING. This I feel really good about. See thing is I find it difficult not to do anything, I always feel like I SHOULD be doing something. And then feel guilty about not doing anything. But, I suppose if you don’t have days where you relax completely, how can you ever recharge your batteries? I do try to have ‘me’ time and embrace the small things, but rarely does it happen for an entire day.

As a result i’ll keep this post short. I have some rubbish tv to catch up on, which I’m actually looking forward to switching off and letting it just flow over me.