Snow in the UK is no small event. Snow down the south of the UK? Total disaster. The infrastructure isn’t in place to support it. It happens so infrequently, why would there ever be an infrastructure to support it? It is marginally daft that everything grinds to a halt come a flurry of snow, but on the flip side, there’s lots of hills around where I live, and well, on my way to the office this morning, very nearly didn’t make it out of my road… So what’s my point?

Planning for things. Planning for the unexpected. Pessimism, optimism or just plain considered forethought? In the case of snow, well, there’s only so much money you can spend on a ‘what if?’ and I don’t think we do all that badly really. It would help if more people employed a common sense approach to such things, but, then, not everyone is blessed with common sense, and it is for those who DO have common sense to try and look out for the less blessed. So if planning for weather is such a minefield, how can you plan for your own emotional wellbeing?

It’s not easy. It’s not something you can really ‘plan’ for, but you can ‘prepare’ for it. Which is why I set up this blog, for my planning and preparation of my future. Dark thoughts, low thoughts, troubling thoughts, they all come in different forms, never the same, always disturbing and upsetting. How do I cope with these? By trying to remember what happened last time. To look at how I coped last time and what the eventual outcome was. As with everything in life, the best lessons are learned the hard way, usually by trial and error. You can’t ever know how to expect the next set of low thoughts and depressed mood, you can only ever know that there will be some at some point. It’s like the snow. You have a little warning, you dismiss it as unlikely, and then it hits you with full devestating force. It’s how you deal with it at that point that ensures how the rest of the impact is mitigated. Do you throw down plenty of grit to get a grip, or blindly struggle on slipping and sliding and doing yourself damage by ignoring the fact there’s a huge sheet of ice underfoot?

So as with snow, deal with low moods in the same way. Instead of the bucket of salt and grit, have to hand the things that have worked before and lifted your spirits before. Things that make you happy, projects, hobbies, friends, activities. The reason why I write all of these down for myself is because I have a really terrible memory when I hit the obsessive lows. I become blinkered, I can’t see anything else but the obsessive thought of the moment. But as this blog is a big part of my life now, I force myself to read a little of it every day, or take a look at the pictures I’ve posted on my Pages. This is my little grit box for times of ‘bad weather’.