I’m sitting listening to Sigur Ros today working, and I can’t quite believe I’d forgotten just how much just ‘listening’ to my music raises my spirits and makes me more productive! I’m a bit annoyed with myself really, all through my low time and withdrawal from my tablets, I had not been listening to my music.

After all I preach about ‘doing the little things to cope’ and how much my singing was helping me, I suddenly realised I’d not been ‘disengaging’ myself from everyday stresses by just plugging into my MP3 player. Shame on me. Such an easy thing, such an effective thing, and how it’s making me feel this morning, it could have helped me so much! One huge note and post to self ‘Listen to Sigur Ros, or some other chilled music – nothing compares!’.

And it doesn’t, nothing compares to this feeling. The huge expanse of sound, freeing the mind, taking my thoughts elsewhere, the conscious slowing of my heart rate, the reduction of stress, the small smile that just emerges and sheds all that tension. You would really think it was so obvious to do. Definitely time to listen to more before I kick myself so hard I’ll give myself a complex!

Suffice to say, I purchased the ‘budget’ tree for the office yesterday, and everyone is really pleased with it (well, at least they’re saying they are…) so tomorrow I’ll go and get the chocolates. Colleagues are very excited about the chocolate prospect… Just a nice treat through December, again, little things lift the spirits! In my case, where chocolate is concerned my spirits always need lifting!

Time to re-immerse in music and work – strangely enough Monday doesn’t seem that bad with such wonderful music to listen to…