Yes – a famous Fleetwood Mac Album. Also – something the office is rife with at the moment. As the 13th looms ever closer, more ‘confirmed’ elements are revealing themselves and people are ‘making assumptions’ based on the ‘facts’ presented. As a depressive i’m excellent at making assumptions based on ‘facts’. They’re usually not the most positive of assumptions either. But to be honest, in this case, how can the news that’s going to be imparted be anything but bad?

This is not my depressive side talking, this is common sense. We’re in a recession. We rely on Public Funding. The Public Funding as recently been cut. Our office has made a loss for the past five years. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out bad things are afoot. Athough we’re actually not doing as badly as other offices, the fact all the other offices are having meetings with an HR member present and at exactly the same time as us on Monday it really doesn’t bode well.

So how am I going to cope with the rumours and the inevitable fallout? Quite honestly I’m rather nervous. I’ve been coping really well since the last of the medication left my system – occasional moods, but then that’s normal for me, keeps me on my toes, lets me feel nice and human. Am I scared that bad news is going to tip me over the edge? Yes. TBH I am. I suppose it all does depend on what the bad news will be, which is why i’m not panicking yet. I’m not going to give it a second thought. How can you control something that you know nothing about?

But again, it’s control that is my big thing isn’t it? I like being in control, and well, this takes away my control. Uncertainty and rumours and the worried comments of others always does that. So. I must take a deep breath. Try to be calm and to prepare everything as best I can. Assume the worst, hope for the best, and keep my head at all times. Sometimes there is surprise in life, who’s to say that what will happen on Monday will be for the worst in any sense?