It’s the New Year. A time of mixed emotions for many, and over the last few days, it appears a time of sadness, loss and dread. I find this so strange to understand –surely ‘New Year’ is precisely that? A time of new starts, new beginnings, a new outlook on a new challenge? I find this time of year to be quite uplifting, a new chance at something that you might have been plugging away at last year unsuccessfully, just that little thing that was eluding you is finally within your grasp. I have the feeling this year is going to be a good one for me, I mean, last year was not so great. There was too much expectation, too many hopes pinned on too few reasons to be hopeful -whilst I can be an incredible optimist, I need also to be realistic and I find that challenging sometimes.

Last year I found myself looking for many things. Looking for ideas, answers, trying to find my path to who I am… Whilst I probably will never 100% know who I am, I’ve learned a hell of a lot more about myself on the journey… Two breakdowns, a revelation, Twitter, online forae and a Blog later, I feel rather strange sitting and thinking back to the heartache I went through to get here. But I’m a strong believer in experience is the only way to learn, and well, I am so very well known for always learning the hard way

So new challenges for me this year. Not to be so hard on myself. I am only human after all –and well, not to be so hard on others too. If I am only human then so are they! Begin the community volunteering. This is a big challenge for me –and the strangest thing about the volunteering is that the person I shall be visiting is the advert that I saw from the flyer that was posted through my door in the first instance. A coincidence? Of course, but little nudges in the right direction can also give you that sense of ‘serendipity’ –something that may not actually be divine in origin, but if what you see and think turns out to occur, then perhaps you’re thinking in the correct way after all. Intuition if you will. And on top of all of this? I intend to be kinder to my body. I am a rather forgetful health freak… I know what I should do to be super healthy, what I should eat, the exercise I should do –but I just don’t do it. Which is strange really because I enjoy getting out and going for walks and exercising and experiencing nature. I use the same excuses we all do ‘I’m tired from working’ or ‘I just don’t have the time’ or whatever, but I’m going to try and kick those age old pleas and treat myself to nice long walks in the fabulous countryside around where I live. Beaches, hills, mountains… Why not? It may even inspire me more to my arts.

New. New is not bad, it’s not time for regret of that lost, it’s time to celebrate the excitement of what can and will be. January isn’t a bad month, it’s a month for planning, reviewing and starting the way you mean to go on.