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Busy flurries of clean white powdery snow, swirling, eddying

Settling on the ground, slushy or is it icy? Watch your footing!

Slipping and sliding onward progress is treacherous

Always prepared, a little snow isn’t going to stop us!

Struggling, deep black, darkness, exhaustion

Lack of understanding, of hope, frustration welling over

Screaming in the depths to be pulled to the surface

Drowning slowly, gasping, sinking…

Disappointment, Pain, Sorrow, Anxiety, Despair, Frustration,

Does life have to be like this – is it even possible to carry on?

From the bottom of the pit, the brilliance of day seems but a glimmer in the distance

How will you ever know what is in the light if you don’t reach, climb, fight to be free…

For B and all others who wonder whether they can carry on, it is possible to escape the claws of Depression, but you have to fight, and never give up.

Excitement fizzing through my veins like effervescent sherbet fountains

Anticipation, trepidation, so tangible that the air crackles with the tension

It’s always like this before performing, how many in the audience – will they enjoy it?

But it all pales into insignificance when it’s just me and my music, nothing can compare to how that feels.

Struggling to understand, what is it they’re thinking?

Why do they look at me like that – is something wrong?

Quickly catching my reflection whilst passing a window, as usual not a hair out of place…

What exactly is the problem? Surely it’s not me?

Stubborn and intransigent, flashing broad smiles at the world

Fearlessly tackling life head-on, nothing is impossible all can be surpassed

Inner strength and turmoil silently supporting outward appearances

Assumptions perhaps misleading, is all what it seems?

Calm, Love, Acceptance, Happiness

Smiling, Laughing, Comfort, Generosity

Anxious, Nervous, Worried, Hopeful?

Without such selflessness who would I have been?

For my Parents – I cannot fathom how much I have put them through over the years, but what little I can offer as consolation, I will continue to do. Ill-judged, clumsy and muddled but well meaning always x

Opening your arms to comfort those around you

A mind that’s open and accepting allows thoughts to roam free

But opening your ears to hear what people utter

can be difficult to endure, do we truly understand?

Random 5

Monday morning, start of the week, so much to do – where do I start?

Emails demand attention, scribbled notes require deciphering

Check my diary – any important meetings to plan for?

Weekend passed seems a blur, it’s just a weekday, soon be over

Random 4

Happiness is shared when secrets are no longer hidden

Hopeful that ideas of shame may never materialise

Protective of family, misguided, naive, driven by fear and worry

Years of ‘what if?’ shortly to dissolve…

For my Sister – I love you x

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